DOGS in the CITY

Established in 2006, DOGS in the CITY is an authentic Hamburg label by Nicole Meins, setting trends as a premium manufacturer of innovative dog sleeping places. Their commitment is to create not only healthy, sustainable, and ethically produced dog beds but also pieces of furniture that enhance interior and lifestyle.

All materials are sourced and processed in Germany and EU countries, with small to medium-sized family businesses collaborating passionately to produce high-quality, durable, and beautifully designed sleeping and resting places for dogs. 

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Pino, a Belgian brand, is dedicated to promoting healthier eating for pets through functional products prioritizing their well-being and comfort while respecting the planet. Pino's mission revolves around ensuring pets a healthy and bright future by offering thoughtfully designed and sustainable solutions for their dietary needs.

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Tadazhi is a Danish lifestyle brand established in 2019 by dog enthusiast Charlotte Ellegaard. Inspired by her own Danish Swedish farmdog Tobine, Tadazhi uses a timeless design making all products visually appealing. The use of pure organic materials guarantees a natural softness.

Customer testimonials confirm that dogs adore their beds. Tadazhi seamlessly combines aesthetics, quality, and practicality, offering a delightful experience for the entire family.

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Lievick is a Dutch brand owned by two close friends Cheyenne and Rozanne. 

The duo crafts handmade, customizable bowls, allowing customers to match colors and designs with their decor.

Following a year of success, they expanded their line with the Lievick Lick mat, an enrichment product carefully designed over months to meet the needs of both dogs and their parents.

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Launched in November 2019, Pawness offers consciously designed dog essentials, combining quality, style, and ethical production.

Inspired by rescue dog Bo, found abandoned in Portugal, Pawness donates 10% of profits to support charitable organizations like the HomelessDogs Foundation.

With a commitment to elevating lifestyles without compromising style, function, or sustainability, Pawness focuses on a mission of ensuring happiness for all dogs, their companions, and the planet.

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Denjo Dogs

Denjo Dogs is a Swedish brand that offers stylish dog accessories with a focus on Scandinavian design, high quality and functionality. The brand was founded in 2017 by Victoria and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Kenzo. All products are designed in Stockholm and manufactured in Europe, mainly in Italy and Sweden.

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Los Angeles native Michael Kim founded Floof out of frustration with ineffective treatments for his dog Leo's allergies and the low-quality ingredients in grooming products. Committed to a solution, Floof offers premium, science-backed formulas that meet the skin and fur needs of dogs, holding them to the same standards as our own.

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Cocopup London

Established in 2020 in the UK, Cocopup is a brand managed by a dedicated team of women, occasionally diverted by their office pup Ralph. Focused on creating a cohesive brand, Cocopup specializes in adorable matching accessories with charming patterns designed for both owners and their pooches.

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Lambwolf Collective

At Lambwolf Collective, they center their designs around the idea of balance. From their walk sets to play objects, the user experience is contemplated from both the perspective of the pet owner and the pet.

The minimal aesthetic of their products does not mean they are any less functional. The key philosophy is to live more with less and they love creating multi-purpose items that are well considered for everyday use.

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Willow Walks

London-based brand Willow Walks, founded by Jo, emerged from a passion for dogs and a lack of fashionable options. Inspired by her puppy Willow, Jo sought matching leads and collars that reflected her style but found limited choices in London. Existing products were functional but lacked fashion appeal.

Dissatisfied, Jo decided to create her own, bridging the gap between functionality and fashion for dog accessories that align with personal style.

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Maxbone, a US brand, redefines pet care with a modern, intelligent approach. Collaborating with human apparel and accessory manufacturers, they prioritize quality, sustainability, and practicality in their designs. maxbone's products are thoughtfully crafted with the well-being of both dogs and their owners in mind, offering a superior experience in pet care.

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Atelier Markiz

Established in November 2022, Atelier Markiz is a dog accessories store born from Alexane's passion for creating matching accessories for furry animals and their owners. As a former textile designer with a love for vibrant prints, she collaborates with Marquis, a Moldovan street survivor, to source unique fabrics.

Together, they meticulously craft high-quality, limited-edition accessories, adding a touch of joy to Parisian daily life and offering truly distinctive products for pets and their humans.

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Springer is a women-owned small business led by a dynamic mother-daughter duo (& the dogs who love them). Their mission is simple: to design innovative essentials by the real-life challenges that they have faced with their pups.

They are dedicated to creating products that meet the highest standards of form and function by making life easier & more enjoyable for both pups & their owners.

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